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Your dream candidate is just around the corner.


  • Active search of candidates.

  • We conduct an in-depth assessment to every candidate, before presenting to the client.

  • First 100-day plan: Together with the customers and candidates, we help the candidates to adapt to the new environment and culture before and after the onboarding day.

  • Background check: Legal and reputational

We have worked in almost all East Asia. Let us help you find what you're looking for.

Service Flow


  • Intense initial briefing to deeply understand the client´s needs, its organization and environment. Definition of the search criteria and specifications.

  • Follow up every 7-10 days with clients with candidate and market reports

  • Direct contact with more than 100 candidates per search, in order to have a complete mapping of the market sector.

  • Candidates are interviewed by at least 2 consultants and are evaluated in a quantitative way and qualitative way

  • 360º reference checks of selected candidates with fellow co-workers and professionals.

  • Following and checking the client´s and candidate´s adapting process during the next 6 months.






Case Study: Indonesia

Sector: European company that renders advanced engineering services to mining and oil companies around the world.

Position: Chief Financial Officer based in Jakarta

Situation: Our client was looking to hire a CFO, based in Jakarta, to support a local business of around US$ 40M reporting to the regional APAC CFO.

Challenging points: As a publicly-traded company. our client could not publicly disclose the need for the CFO

Our result: We successfully closed the search within 2 months with a local experienced candidate with more than 16 years of experience in Finance and Auditing. He was used to reporting to the President and Director of the Asian branch in his previous employer. He later expanded his responsibilities into all Accounting, Financial, Treasury & Tax issues.

Case Study: India

Sector: Global leader in food packaging with over 1bn USD in sales.

Position: India Business Development Director (M&A)

Situation: Our client wanted to expand into the Indian market and explore potential opportunities for mergers and acquisitions. 

Challenging points: Our client wished to hire a candidate with strong M&A knowledge and experience in the Indian Market, coming from the food packaging industry, knowledge of Hindi, Spanish and English and willing to work in India for the long term.

Our result: We successfully closed the search with a Spanish candidate that had lived in India for 8 years. He had a strong experience in Business Development across the Indian market working mainly in the food processing sector.

We have also worked in HK, Macau, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam and Philippines. Let us know if you want to know about our experience there

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