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Identifying top-performing industry leaders.


We engage high performing individuals that are not necessarily looking for a job. Our aim is to inform our client of real-time salary levels and expectations for key local & global talent. This can be done to gain insightful market information but also as a previous step to an executive recruitment project.

This is done in a completely confidential manner

When mapping makes sense...

  • You are expecting rotation in key positions

  • You want to know what are the real time salary levels in competitors.

  • You want to prepare a contingency plan before starting a complex negotiation with an executive.

  • You are not yet willing to commit to a full search.

  • You a vacancy of a top executive to fill.

  • You want to understand the experience, studies, and skills  of executives

Is your company in need of a mapping exercise?

Case Study

Sector: Global Wine & Spirits producer and distributor (1bn USD)

Position: China General Manager

Situation: Our Client had the suspicion that their China GM could leave within the next year.

They could not afford to have that role empty and needed to ensure they had time for a proper handover if the GM left. The current GM had a 30 days notice, which was too short a period

Challenging points: The client did not want to award a formal search as the need was not there yet. We had to engage the market with total confidentiality to ensure no rumors about our client intentions were spread. Additionally, we needed to find a very specific profile of people (with existing relationship with very key distributors in China).

Our result: After 3 weeks we had approached 15 candidates matching the criteria with 4 candidates being approved for interview by our client. The China GM left, we were formally awarded the search and we were able to close the search in only 2 weeks, allowing our client time to do a proper handover.

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